bois mort (2020)

bois mort (dead wood) is a 30-minute solo performance with acoustic guitar, objects and live-electronics, recorded in one continuous take as part of Robert Menczel's Master's degree in Contemporary Performance and Composition in 2020. The program presents an alternative approach to a solo guitar performance. It unfolds as a sonic journey through the instrument and its material in search of the natural in music and the musical in nature. The guitar is reduced to its essence: a wooden box with strings that resonate by using different objects and DIY tools. Live-electronics augment the acoustic sound and highlight different qualities of it throughout the performance to create an immersive listening experience.


Robert Menczel - acoustic guitar, live-electronics, composition

Sander Saarmets - co-composition

Giorgos Stavridis - audio recording

Kai Lietzke, Julian Seiler - video


recorded at HFMT Hamburg