photo: Mostra Sonora Sueca

BLACKOUT is a concert show for five guitarists collectively composed and staged by The Interstring Project.


A wild and electrifying collage of classical guitars, metal riffs, techno beats and soundscapes with audio-reactive light and live projections.

 The Interstring Project

Matthias Arbter I Phileas Baun I Florin Emhardt

Robert Menczel I Marius Schnurr


Artistic Direction - Robert Menczel

Composition, lights, performance - The Interstring Project


Visuals - Fabian Schober


Selected Performances

Festival Mostro Sonora Sueca Spain (2023)

Kapuziner Kreativzentrum Ravensburg (2023)

Kartonagenfabrik Birk Trossingen (2023)

photo: Mostra Sonora Sueca